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What this sites about for time 3,2,1…GO!

Ugh! If I see another website posting someones Crossfit WOD training schedule and times/rep counts I’ll puke. This is not that kind of site. If I post a WOD it is for a specific reason. Rather, this site’s dedicated to examining the Crossfit lifestyle, from the perspective of a Chiropractor who has been doing Crossfit since late 2006. Who I am…

  • Chiropractor by trade (on sabbatical for world travel)
  • From Detroit, Michigan – Lived Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, San Francisco, CA
  • Currently reside in Superior, Colorado Traveling abroad
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified
  • Varied sports background including hockey, wrestling, baseball and football

Topics we discuss:

  • Life philosophy and Crossfit philosophy
  • Nutrition
  • Crossfit and travel
  • Practice, patients and fitness
  • Things I overheard

First and foremost this site is fun and a blog of passion. A personal opine on CrossFit. Feel free to comment, ask questions or just lurk. No hard sell here. No get fit quick crap. No stupid infomercials. No weight loss in 30 days.

Instead, let’s talk about Crossfit and squeezing more out of it.

Let’s talk about life, which happens in between WOD’s