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A Fighting Chance and how Chiropractic can help

The Crossfit community is well aware of Kyle Maynard. A truly amazing and driven individual. If he could distill some of his “fitness mojo” into liquid form I’d buy it. 🙂

Watched the documentary about his life leading up to his first amateur MMA fight. Obstacle after obstacle presented itself. Not one to be deterred, he has been overcoming obstacles that would crush most since he was born. Throughout the documentary those most outspoken seemed hardly fit enough to do a series of pull ups, let alone enter an MMA ring to fight. (Sigh) I guess that is the way for many, their skills in fighting are in reverse proportion to the bigness of their mouth. In other words all talk and no action. In the spirit of disclosure, I’m not an MMA fan, nor do I follow it. I have all the respect in the world for Kyle or anyone else who steps into the ring ready to fight.

Check out the entire video here: A Fighting Chance

I picked the clip below to illustrate two points, but the clip got moved.  In the clip Kyle discusses how debilitating his low back pain is and how concerned he is about it affecting his ability to train and fight.

1. No matter our station in life, we are all susceptible to injury.

Injuries are real when they prevent us from doing the things we desire most. I have treated some “tough” male patients who lived with their low back pain for years. It wasn’t until it interfered with their ability to play golf or their performance in bed was affected before they decided to do anything about the problem. In Kyles case, I have no idea what is going on with him, or causing his low back pain. However, I have cared for enough people with low back pain over the years to make some educated guesses. Training for MMA involves copious amount of sparring. Sparring involves blows to the head. In Kyles case (I believe) a combination of blows to the head as well as considerable compression on the low back due to sitting have contributed to this injury shown in the documentary. The real problem is thinking when the pain goes away the problem goes away. In my experience the problem typically shows up again, lasts longer and worsens. Solution? Stretching? Yes. Icing? Yes. Bed rest, “walking it off”? NO WAY. Rest won’t get him back in alignment. I’d suggest an evaluation first which most commonly leads to corrective adjustments. Preferably by an upper cervical doctor. Additional work to benefit him would be reverse hyper exercises (via West Side Barbells Louie Simmons). For Kyle this would take some modification and ingenuity, but it is possible.

2. Chiropractors have a great opportunity to help athletes like Kyle as well as other Crossfit athletes.

Chiropractors with the right understanding of what it takes to train as a Crossfit athlete or in demand. Why? Crossfit is one of the fastest growing fitness training disciplines around. Plenty in the fitness industry are either joining, disparaging about Crossfit or ripping them off by promoting their own version of Crossfit. The chiropractic profession has these things in common. Plenty of people enjoy the benefits of chiropractic, plenty are disparaging against it and there are even some movements to rip it off. I say chiropractors with the right understanding. Who might that be? Chiropractors who have trained in Crossfit for an extended period of time. Giving it a try for a couple of weeks, or espousing how you don’t like the incorrect squatting form of a gyms members in not what I’m talking about. I’ll admit that I went through Chiropractic school for 4 years and never once was shown, let alone taught a proper squat. From the looks of many of my teachers it was obvious why…because they can’t do one. Learning a squat from someone who can’t perform one (or who was never able to perform one) is like learning to drive from someone who never drove. It just don’t work. Crossfit does not need chiropractors who want to drag their dogma about squats and what you must eat and what supplements you must take. Crossfit athletes are well aware on these subject matters. Crossfit athletes need help in the area of recovery, posture and alignment. In chiropractic we call what we treat (correct) a subluxation. And we use adjustments (alignments) to achieve this goal.

If you are Crossfit athlete in need of help with recovery, like Kyle Maynard, I would suggest seeking out the services of a chiropractor who is also involved in Crossfit. If you are a chiropractor looking for me people to serve, join your closest Crossfit box, listen and learn and find a way to fit your services into their programing.


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