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Crossfit WOD Scalling first WOD

Blog Post about first Crossfit WOD:

Dabbling in Crossfit is common at first for many. No different for me.

I played with some Crossfit styled pull ups, struggling with the kip. Tried some air squats, UGLY! And even attempted a deadlift, mistake!

Countless hours of watching videos and reading Crossfit Journal articles.

Looking back (three years ago) my first “official” logged WOD was “Michael” – the notes read:

…ran only half the distance also know as “Scaled”

If you are considering starting Crossfit READ THIS PAGE:Getting Started in Crossfit


we recommend that you follow the WOD and substitute other exercises for those where you don’t have either the equipment or skill and then devise a plan for acquisition of the necessary skills or equipment needed to participate completely.

Unless you want this…

If you are just starting off with Crossfit, catch a clue and go easy. Crossfit is not “too hard”, it may be you are too inexperienced or deconditioned. And in an ego maniacal ascetic driven fitness industry, this can be hard.

The thing I remember the most about my first CF WOD was how long 18 minutes seemed.

Longest damn 18 minutes of my life.

What do you remember most about your first CF WOD?


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